Title II Reporting
Meeting the Highly Qualified Teachers Challenge:
The Secretary's Annual Report on Teacher Quality, 2004
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Access additional Title II data from the State Reports using the following:
2004 Excel Tables and PDF Files
Archived 2002 and 2003 data


Institutional Pass Rate Tables by State, 2001-2002
Choose a link below to view pass rate data. Only states for which we have pass rate data are listed.

Other Tables

Alternative Routes
Alternative Pass Rates by State: 2001-2002
Characteristics of Alternative Routes to Teaching, 2003

Assessment Information
Educational Testing Service Teacher Assessments: Number Taking Assessments and Scoring Information: 2001-2002
Selected Content Area Assessments and Cut Scores: 2003
Summary of Traditional Route Pass Rates by Aggregate Testing Area and by State: 2001-2002 Summary Data and Basic Skills
Summary of Traditional Route Pass Rates by Aggregate Testing Area and by State: 2001-2002 Academic Content Areas and Teaching Special Populations
Summary of Traditional Route Pass Rates by Aggregate Testing Area and by State: 2001-2002 Professional Knowledge and Other Content Areas
Summary of National Pass Rates: 1999-2000 to 2001-2002
Pass Rate Trends: 1999-2000 to 2001-2002

Certification and/or Licensure
Requirements for Initial Teaching Certification or Licensure, by State: 2003
States Assessing Academic Content
States Requiring Content Specific Bachelor's Degrees for All Initial Certificates: 2001-2003
Percentage Change in Teachers Receiving Initial Certification, by State: 2001-2003
Percentage of Teachers Trained Out of State: 2003
Types of Emergency or Temporary Licenses Issued, by State: 2003 (PDF File)

Low Performing Institutions
Criteria for Assessing the Performance of Teacher Preparation Programs, by State: 2003 (PDF File)
Institutions and Programs Identified as Low Performing or At-Risk of Becoming Low Performing: 2003

Summary of Current Policies on Teacher Standards: 2001-2003
Number of States with Teacher Standards in Specific Subject Areas: 2001-2003
Teacher Standards and Alignment with Student Standards, by State: 2003

Title II Grants
Partnership Grants: 2002 (PDF File)
State Grants: 2002 (PDF File)
Teacher Recruitment Grants: 2002 (PDF File)
Partnership Grants: 2003 (PDF File)
State Grants: 2003 (PDF File)
Teacher Recruitment Grants: 2003 (PDF File)

Classroom Teachers on Waivers, Overall and by Poverty Status of District, by State: 2002-2003

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