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The Title II web site was designed to assist states and institutions of higher education with Title II requirements and reporting. This page provides information on how to use, view, and navigate through this site. Please email us at with any comments, suggestions, or questions regarding the Title II web site. We appreciate your input!

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Title II of the Higher Education Act (HEA) authorizes new federal grant programs that support the efforts of states, institutions of higher education, and their school district partners to improve the recruitment, preparation, and support of new teachers. Title II also includes new accountability measures in the form of reporting requirements for institutions and states on teacher preparation and licensing. The reported data -- on how well institutions prepare teachers, what states require of individuals before they are allowed to teach, and how institutions and states are raising their standards for the teaching profession -- will allow the measurement of success of teacher education programs and state efforts to improve teacher quality. To learn more about Title II and the reporting requirements, see the Title II Reference and Reporting Guide.

This web site has been designed to provide Title II technical assistance and information to states and institutions of higher education. Along with the Title II Guide, we provide resources, such as State Title II Contacts and Title II presentations; on-line forums; help with data reporting; and schedules and calendars. We also have attempted to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding Title II reporting. We hope you find this web site to be a valuable resource.

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