Title II Resources






Instructions to Institutions of Higher Education

The files discussed in these instructions contain information regarding the state of New York's plan for complying with Title II requirements in the federal Higher Education Act, as amended. The documents in order are:

  • Cover Memo: this explains to institutions of higher education (IHEs) the purposes for the Title II data collection, what has been accomplished thus far, and responsibilities of institutional Title II contacts.

  • Data Collection Schedule and Data Processing Flowchart: these specify deadlines for providing necessary information on program completers, when information is due on the state and national levels, and the verification process. New York's teacher assessments are provided by the National Evaluation Systems (NES), and their data system serves state as well as federal purposes. The role of NES is embedded in the schedule rather than explicity stated. However, the Data Processing Flowchart clearly identifies the testing company's role in the data collection process.

  • The Data Verification Procedures Guidelines: these explain how IHEs will be able to review, edit, and modify data. The state plans to provide pre-filled information to its IHEs for verification.

  • Remaining Documents: these include a copy of the new survey form for institutional and program-level data collection; and the following two sample forms -- (1) Tests Taken Matching Log (checking and verification report) and (2) Annual Institution Report.


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