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Read about: Title II Waivers - High Poverty Definition

View this Excel file to see the revised quartile rankings.

To use this file, save it on your computer or a disk. After saving the file, open it and find your state. You may want to delete the records for the other states. The quartile rankings can be found in column M. Districts with a 4 are high priority districts. Districts with a 1, 2, or 3 are "all other districts."

The school district estimates for 2000 are based upon tabulations of poverty in income year 2000 from reports in Census 2000, using school district boundaries corresponding to school year 2001-2002. These tabulated data are then combined with the SAIPE county estimates of poverty for income year 2000, utilizing methods consistent with those employed in the series of school district estimates provided since income year 1995. The Census Bureau revised these estimates in 2004.

See the 2000 overview of school district estimates.


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